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Hypertension or high blood pressure is the deadliest and alarming silent disease, which can happen to anyone irrespective of the age group. Even young children suffer from this disease, when the blood pressure is 140/90 then it is a condition of hypertension. There are several reasons that can cause high blood pressure, the sooner you detect, the faster you save yourself from completely getting engulfed by this disease. The medical field developed several drugs and pills to treat hypertension, but the most effective and trusted high blood pressure treatment pill is Olmesartan. Buy Olmesartan Online to

Action Mechanism of Benicar

Generic Benicar belongs to the class of drugs called Angiotensin II receptor blockers, or ARBs. This pill blocks the binding of Angiotensin II receptors. Angiotensin II is a natural chemical that is present in the body and if the chemical starts increasing in the body, then it starts to narrow and tighten the blood vessels. The presence of Angiotensin II constricts the blood vessels and hence the medicine helps in reducing the presence of Angiotensin II. Once the effect of Angiotensin II is narrowed down, this pill helps in relaxing the blood vessels and this helps in lowering the blood pressure and reducing the peripheral resistance. Henceforth the blood vessels relax and there is a smooth and improved blood flow. If you suffer from hypertension, then buy benicar Online and relax your blood vessels.

Benefits of Benicar

Buy Olmesartan Online antihypertensive pills lower the blood pressure by relaxing and widening the blood vessels. When the blood flow is improved, then there is less possibility of cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure, angina, diabetes, strokes and clots which might affect the brain. Hence the several adverse effects on the human body due to hypertension would be eradicated if Olmesartan is consumed.

Dosages of Benicar

The proper dosage of this tablet is of utmost importance. It is recommended to consult the doctor, before starting the medication, as every individual is different. However, the complete guideline is provided below.

  • The prescribed dose of Benicar is 20 mg once on a daily basis, which is taken for two weeks, in case there is lesser effect on the body, then 40 mg tablet is prescribed. Benicar beyond 40 mg tablets are found to have lesser effects.
  • The medicine can be taken with or without meals. If the medication is in the tablet form, then it is directed to swallow it with water.
  • Patients having other health issues must consult their doctor for the exact dosage.
  • As hypertension can affect even the babies and children, it is important that the dosage pattern is different from them. Toddlers of below the 1 year should not be treated with this. According to the weight of the child, the medicine dosage is prescribed. Children who weigh 20-35 kg must consume 10 mg pill, whereas kids above 35 kg can start taking 20 mg.
  • Olmesartan tablet even come in liquid form, so if you are using the liquid form of Olmesartan medicine, then mix it with water and let it stand for at least 5 minutes before consumption.
  • In case of over dosage, there is a likelihood of hypotension, blurred vision, sweating hence sees the doctor immediately.

Precaution of Benicar

It is essential to consult a doctor before starting any medication and same goes for Olmesartan tablets. The precautions to be taken care are listed below.

  • If you are on dialysis or have heart failure, then Olmesartan medicine can rapidly lower your blood pressure, hence tell your doctor about your medical condition.
  • Do not use any salt substitutes with potassium, as it has been found that people who have taken these tablets have increased level of potassium in their blood.
  • Elderly people, congestive heart failure, diuretics might have a decrease in their kidney function. It is best to contact the doctor if you notice a decrease in urination, swelling in ankle, legs and feet.
  • Pregnant ladies must complete avoid Olmesartan medicine as it may pose health risk to the unborn child. Nursing mothers too must consult their health care provider before consuming the medicine, as it might affect their infants.

Side effects of Benicar

There has been an extensive clinical tryout on patients who have consumed Olmesartan medicine so as to know the side effects of the medicine. And so the following side effects were reported.

  • There is likeliness of dizziness, joint and muscle pains, nausea and mild itching.
  • Also, Olmesartan tablet might bring severe allergic reactions such as difficulty in breathing, swelling of face, lips and throat. If this condition persists, it is best to meet the doctor.
  • There can be chances of chest pain, rapid heart rate, decrease in the amount of urine, so in these cases consult with your doctor right away.
  • Other common side effects are nausea, sore throat, unusual tiredness and weakness, skin rashes.
  • Avoid consuming alcohol, as it might lower your blood pressure and increase the side effects of Olmesartan.
  • It is advised to consult the doctor if you suffer from severe side effects which might occur are chronic diarrheas, swelling, wheezing, fainting, weight loss.