Latanoprost an Eye Drop for glaucoma treatment
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Eyes play a very vital role in life. All that you can witness is just because of your eyes. Hence it is mandatory to ensure that your eyes are healthy and without any issues. Many people suffer from eye issues but it is not that nothing can be done to treat such issues. You have issues such as ocular hypertension or open angle glaucoma that can be treated using medication like latanoprost. Latanoprost fundamentally treats the enhanced pressure on the eyes which is also known as ocular hypertension and it also treats open angle glaucoma. Latanoprost is also popularly known as xalatan. If you are not able to find glaucoma eye drops latanoprost, you can certainly look for xalatan as these medications are same with a different name. These medications are availed to you everywhere in the market in any medical store.

Action mechanism of xalatan

Latanoprost is evidently a scrupulous prostaglandin analog. It principally works to decline the pressure in your eyes by enhancing the fluid drainage from your eyes. But the exact mechanism of action of Latanopros is not yet known

Benefits of xalatan

You do not have to think much about the benefits of using glaucoma eye drops latanoprost as they are pretty obvious. The very first thing is that latanoprost is preferred over all other similar medications because of its performance and effectiveness. People all over the globe have been using this medication and are very happy with the way it has treated them. It is reported to be the most preferred medication when it comes to the treatment of glaucoma. Besides that, you can get this medication very easily online as well as offline. It is not at all difficult to look for this medication and since it is also offered online, you get to compare the price which is an added advantage. Moreover, this drug is also approved by the Food and Drug Administration. You can be sure about its safety and its performance. You need a doctor’s prescription to buy this medication. This drug is not offered to you if you do not have a prescription for it. Hence ensure that you have a proper prescription if you wish to buy this medication.

Dosage and Storages of xalatan

You need to use it as prescribed by your doctor. You can also check the label provided to you with the medication in order to get the exact amount of dosage. The usual dosage comprises of two to three drops of latanoprost in both the eyes once a day before going to bed. You need to use these drops mostly in the evening until the doctor suggests you to do otherwise. If you use contact lenses, remove them before using this medication as they may absorb the chemicals present in latanoprost. You can place the lenses back in your eyes after 15 minutes when you are done with putting the eye drops. Store the medication in a dry place at normal room temperature. Keep it away from sunlight, heat, and moisture. Put the cap tightly when the bottle is not in use. Protect it from children and pets. Do not flush or drain the medication. Also make sure that you do not consume an expired medication. If the drug is outdated, make sure that you dispose it immediately.

Precautions while using xalatan

Wash both your hands thoroughly before as well as after using the medication. Remove excessive medication around the eyes with a dry and clean tissue. Be very careful that the tissue does not touch the eyes. In order to prevent the germs and dust contaminating the medication, ensure that you do not touch the tip of the applicator to any kind of a surface including your eyes. Continue using latanoprost medication even when you are feeling alright. Make sure that you do not miss the dosage. Do not take two dosages at one time. If you have missed the any dosage, skip it and hop back to the regular dosage routine.

Side effects of xalatan

Being an antibiotic or allopathic medication, you can to some extent expect certain side effects of xalatan. You might experience stinging, dryness, or itching, cold symptoms, changes in the growth of eyelashes, blurred vision, or enhanced tear production. You will also sometimes feel that something is there in your eyes. In some severe cases you shall notice solemn allergic reactions like rash, breathing issues, itching, hives, swelling on the lips, tongue, throat, face, or mouth, as well as tightness in your chest. There are chances that you shall face chest pain eyelid discharge, darkening of eye color or eyelids, inflammation, pain, redness, swelling, or irritation, peeling or blistered skin, as well as vision alterations. In any of the above mentioned cases, be it mild or severe; make sure that you rush to your doctor as soon as possible. It is vital to take proper medical advice before taking any drastic step. You might also consult your pharmacist for more information about the side effects.