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Fluconazole is a medicine which is mainly used for treating some kind of fungal infections which includes the yeast infections of throat, mouth, vagina, and abdomen, esophagus which means the tube between the stomach and the mouth, blood, lungs and many other organs of the body. Fluconazole is used for treating the infections in the membrane which include the spine and brain which is generally caused by the fungus. Patients who are undergoing bone marrow transplantation are likely to be infected as they will be treated with radiation therapy before they undergo the transplantation. Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan) is used to treat yeast infections in such patients. Fluconazole is also known as Diflucan. This is the brand name of Fluconazole.

Benefits of using Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan):

  • Generic Diflucan is used for treating vagina yeast infections
  • It also helps in treating some serious fungal infection from infecting the lungs
  • Generic Diflucan also helps in treating some patients who are infected due to the cancer or HIV and also cases which got infected due to some transplantation or surgeries.
  • Generic Diflucan also helps in treating mouth infections and throat infections.

Action Mechanism by using Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan):

Generic Diflucan works by slowing down the growth of the fungi which is caused vagina yeast infections. You can take Fluconazole with or without food but it has to be taken only once in day. Some patients need to take Fluconazole for few weeks and some need to take only one dose of it. It completely depends on the condition and stage of the infection and how well is the patient responding to the medicine. If you are advised a double dose on the first day then you should be very careful. Shake well the liquid before using. You should actually start feeling better from the first dose itself. If you do not find any change or the situation gets worst then stop using the medicine and consult the doctor immediately for medical assistance. Until and unless doctor advises you any particular diet continue taking your normal diet.

Precautions before using Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan):

There will always be some precautions that are to be taken when you are using certain medicines. Precautions will help the medicine to react well on the body and also to get rid of the health issue faster. Listed below are the few precautions that are to be taken when you are using Fluconazole or generic Diflucan:

  • You need to inform to the doctor if you are allergic to Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan) and if you have used any anti fungal medication and they did not work well on you or if they caused any kind of side effects on your body. You need to know all the ingredients of Fluconazole as you may be allergic to any of them. Ask for the entire ingredients list from the pharmacist or the doctor.
  • If should stay away from generic Diflucan or Fluconazole if you are using any of the following medicines: cisapride, astemizole, terfenadine or pimozide. Your doctor will definitely advice you to not to use Fluconazole along with that medicines.
  • Tell your doctor about all the prescription and the non prescription medicines used by you. If you are using any nutritional supplements or using any vitamins or any kind of herbal supplements.
  • You should inform the doctor if you have used this fungal infection medicine in last 7 days if you are going to start a new dose of it.
  • You should let the doctor know if you are pregnant and especially if you are in the first 3 months of pregnancy.
  • If you had any kind of surgery even if it is dental surgery also, you need to inform to the doctor before you start using this fungal infection medicine.

Possible side-effects Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan):

Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan) has some mild side effects and some serious side effects.

Below is list of mild side effects which are not dangerous but should see doctor if you find these side effects for a longer time.

  • Diarrhea
  • Heart burn
  • Dizziness
  • Stomach pain
  • Head ache
  • Unable to taste food properly

Below is list of serious side effects which are dangerous if medical assistance is not given immediately. So stop using Generic Diflucan and consult doctor immediately.

  • Yellowish skin
  • Nausea
  • Too much of tiredness
  • Vomiting
  • Energy loss
  • Stomach pain especially right side
  • Symptoms of flu
  • Seizures
  • Skin peeling
  • Face swelling
  • Lower legs swelling
  • Hives
  • Skin peeling

Dosage and Administration Fluconazole (Generic Diflucan):

Single dose: Generally vagina yeast infection patients are given single dose of Generic Diflucan. One 150mg tablet is given for the patients of Vagina infections.

Multiple doses: Other fungal infections other than the vagina yeast infections need multiple doses. All other infections need daily dose based on the severity of the infection and how is the patient reacting or responding to the medicine.

Generally children can be given as 3mg/ kg, 6mg/kg or 12mg/kg and adults can be given 100mg, 200mg and 400mg dose tablets. If you have missed any dose, take the missed dose as soon as you remember it. And try to avoid overdose and if incase you take any over dose, reach for medical assistance immediately.

Generic Diflucan has to be stored in cold place. It should be kept away from children and pregnant women. And mother breast feeding should also stay away from Generic Diflucan.

You can buy Fluconazole from any online drug store. When you buy Fluconazole online, make sure that you buy it from any reliable drug store. You need search for a genuine and good online drug store which is selling only genuine medicines and then buy Fluconazole online.